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Maybe its just me y’all, but the High Definition Prime-Time CMT presentation of “The Dukes of Hazzard” has all the makings of a new hit show. And to the several generations that have been born since January of 1979, it is a brand new show. I’ve seen those shows over 35 years now, but there is something new and exciting about this HD airing of the show. It’s easy to see how “The Dukes” became an immediate hit “back in the day”, and easy to understand why America’s families are demanding this kind of good hearted family fun for themselves and their kids. “The Dukes” is still a hit!

This would not have happened if it were not for the sustained and loyal support of millions of “Dukes” fans. It is a remarkable story that has been “under the radar” of the national media for a long time now. (No surprise there.) Dukes Of Hazzard Facebook page that Rodney and Shannon King co-ordinates has over 310,000 “likes” and is climbing (gone viral!) and that site has a petition with thousands of names supporting the airing of our show on CMT. And CMT to their everlasting credit has come through big-time with a first class, High-Def, great looking production.

So thanks, everybody. Spread the word. The Dukes are back and looking real, real good!

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